Thursday, July 26, 2012

How do you encourage others to prepare?

How do you encourage your family and friends to prepare for the worst? We really think the CDC hit it out of the park with the zombie apocalypse related preparedness posts. Think about it. What event made you start wanting to think about maybe possibly one day getting a plan together for you and yours. Hurricane Katrina? Joplin's tornadoes? A power outage that lasted long than it was convenient? Maybe it was a movie or a Discovery Channel show. For our family, it was a combination of multiple factors and events that made us start storing food, making kits and forming plans. Not all of our extended family is on board with the plan, so we have decided to prep as if we are expecting more people than actually live with us. We also encourage everyone to start prepping for LIFE to happen. Someone will lose a job or have a paycheck that isn't enough. What will you eat? Someone will get sick or have an injury in the middle of the night. How will you treat it? Something will go bump in the night. How will you defend against it?

So where to start when there are more questions than answers? The CDC gives a great guide, as does the Red Cross. In fact, the GirlChild carries a Red Cross generate emergency contact card in her bookbag (she doesn't need to know it is really an EDC)

Check out the links over in our Friends in the Blogsphere to find a starting point,and let us know how you are doing!

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