Monday, September 10, 2012

Flu and other nasties

The GirlChild is ready for the upcoming flu season, but are you?

Flu epidemics are notoriously hard to predict and even track. The CDC recommends flu vaccines to everyone older than 6 months of age and especially immunocompromised and the elderly.

So do you vaccinate?

I personally am not a good candidate for vaccination because of an outstanding health problem, so I feel it is essential to protect those around me in my immediate family. Teaching great hand hygiene also is a must. Someone will undoubtedly fell a bit under the weather, so in our preps I include

Cold Medication for all ages in our home (pediatric and adult)
Chest Rub
Anti Nausea Medication
Commercial Hydrators (gatorade, pedialyte)
 I also keep antibiotics, TamiFlu and other prescriptives on hand. Being honest with your doctor and asking for a prophylactic prescription may payoff when there is an out break and your friendly neighborhood drug store is waiting for 3 or more days to be restocked is definitely worthwhile. We keep the hallmarks of prepping, like the N95 masks and gloves available, and hope that we will not need them.
What are you stocking?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School

Sorry for the delay, but have been getting little ones back to school, and blogging just hasn't been a priority.

So how do we send our prepared child back to school?

 For our little one, we have to be careful what we pack in her bag. Zero tolerance weapons policies have to be taken heavily into consideration. So what is in the GirlChild's backpack?
N95 Mask
Large super absorbent towel
Rain Poncho
Bandaids (cannot send other supplies especially acohol wipes, violate zero tolerance)
Hot Hands Hand Warmers
Millenia Bar
Hand Sanitizer
Emergency Contact Numbers List (not pictured...OpSec)
I can fit all of this in a vacuum bag, and fit this into the outside pocket of her backpack. Additionally, we add things like a complete set of clothes in case she needs them. The weight is minimal, and we know she is prepared.
Now, the plan. We constantly review with GirlChild what to do. If something happens, a flu outbreak, a snow storm or power outage, she is to stay exactly where she is, at school. For us, we are using the "hug a tree" theory to keep our little one safe. We don't want her trying to walk home or bug out. We want to go to where she is. 
What's your plan?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Apple Abundance

Apples are in! Time to add to the stash!

The beginnings of pie filling
The finished product ready for a hot bath!
Dehydrating for adding to muffins, oatmeal and other meals later. We vacuum pack these when done

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Peep's EDC

Sheepdog showed off his EDC, now I am showing mine. I carry this every single day. I work out of town 2 days a week. In case SHTF in a way that would incapacitate our vehicle, I would be 46 miles form my home and family. I took this into consideration, and plan seasonal carries also. For instance, I typically have a small can of Sterno, but it isn't pictured here because I am not carrying Sterno in August. I check my bag every single day. In addition, we also keep a fully stocked bag in our vehicle that is very grab and go. I also keep a small cache of supplies in my office.

So whats in the bag?

A complete change of clothes and bandanna. On days I wear heels, I carry additional shoes.
Rain Poncho
Water bottle and purification tablets
Space blanket
Super absorbent towel
Cell Phone and charger
Written emergency contact list (not pictured)
2 disposable toothbrushes
Feminine hygiene products
Hand Sanitizer
Waterproof matches
Glasses ( I wear contacts)
Bug Spray
First Aid Kit
Spork (boy that comes in handy a lot!)
Millenia Bars
Black Sharpie
Several flashlights, one crank powered
Walkie Talkie (Sheepdog has the mate)
Chemical Glow Sticks
On my keys- multi tool, flashlight, compass and whistle
And this is my little bag! Everything gets packed into one pocket, so I can keep the large compartment available for work or traveling overnight ect.

Being prepared takes a lot of the anxiety that I feel about working out of town away. I have an established escape route home that I and Sheepdog talk about regularly. We are always reviewing our plans, almost daily if not more.

If you aren't preparing yet, please think about starting today!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Clean

This is the detergent blend that we have been mixing at home. We use a cup of Borax and Washing Soda to every Fels Naptha bar and bar of soap. I feel like it gets the clothes clean, without any weird residue and is so incredibly cheap! GirlChild doesn't mind working the bars over a cheese grater that we have dedicate  to detergent making.

All of there ingredients are found in the detergent aisle.

We use 2-3 tbsp per load, and so far so good!