Monday, September 10, 2012

Flu and other nasties

The GirlChild is ready for the upcoming flu season, but are you?

Flu epidemics are notoriously hard to predict and even track. The CDC recommends flu vaccines to everyone older than 6 months of age and especially immunocompromised and the elderly.

So do you vaccinate?

I personally am not a good candidate for vaccination because of an outstanding health problem, so I feel it is essential to protect those around me in my immediate family. Teaching great hand hygiene also is a must. Someone will undoubtedly fell a bit under the weather, so in our preps I include

Cold Medication for all ages in our home (pediatric and adult)
Chest Rub
Anti Nausea Medication
Commercial Hydrators (gatorade, pedialyte)
 I also keep antibiotics, TamiFlu and other prescriptives on hand. Being honest with your doctor and asking for a prophylactic prescription may payoff when there is an out break and your friendly neighborhood drug store is waiting for 3 or more days to be restocked is definitely worthwhile. We keep the hallmarks of prepping, like the N95 masks and gloves available, and hope that we will not need them.
What are you stocking?

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