Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School

Sorry for the delay, but have been getting little ones back to school, and blogging just hasn't been a priority.

So how do we send our prepared child back to school?

 For our little one, we have to be careful what we pack in her bag. Zero tolerance weapons policies have to be taken heavily into consideration. So what is in the GirlChild's backpack?
N95 Mask
Large super absorbent towel
Rain Poncho
Bandaids (cannot send other supplies especially acohol wipes, violate zero tolerance)
Hot Hands Hand Warmers
Millenia Bar
Hand Sanitizer
Emergency Contact Numbers List (not pictured...OpSec)
I can fit all of this in a vacuum bag, and fit this into the outside pocket of her backpack. Additionally, we add things like a complete set of clothes in case she needs them. The weight is minimal, and we know she is prepared.
Now, the plan. We constantly review with GirlChild what to do. If something happens, a flu outbreak, a snow storm or power outage, she is to stay exactly where she is, at school. For us, we are using the "hug a tree" theory to keep our little one safe. We don't want her trying to walk home or bug out. We want to go to where she is. 
What's your plan?

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