Saturday, September 1, 2012

Peep's EDC

Sheepdog showed off his EDC, now I am showing mine. I carry this every single day. I work out of town 2 days a week. In case SHTF in a way that would incapacitate our vehicle, I would be 46 miles form my home and family. I took this into consideration, and plan seasonal carries also. For instance, I typically have a small can of Sterno, but it isn't pictured here because I am not carrying Sterno in August. I check my bag every single day. In addition, we also keep a fully stocked bag in our vehicle that is very grab and go. I also keep a small cache of supplies in my office.

So whats in the bag?

A complete change of clothes and bandanna. On days I wear heels, I carry additional shoes.
Rain Poncho
Water bottle and purification tablets
Space blanket
Super absorbent towel
Cell Phone and charger
Written emergency contact list (not pictured)
2 disposable toothbrushes
Feminine hygiene products
Hand Sanitizer
Waterproof matches
Glasses ( I wear contacts)
Bug Spray
First Aid Kit
Spork (boy that comes in handy a lot!)
Millenia Bars
Black Sharpie
Several flashlights, one crank powered
Walkie Talkie (Sheepdog has the mate)
Chemical Glow Sticks
On my keys- multi tool, flashlight, compass and whistle
And this is my little bag! Everything gets packed into one pocket, so I can keep the large compartment available for work or traveling overnight ect.

Being prepared takes a lot of the anxiety that I feel about working out of town away. I have an established escape route home that I and Sheepdog talk about regularly. We are always reviewing our plans, almost daily if not more.

If you aren't preparing yet, please think about starting today!


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