Sunday, July 29, 2012

Being Correctly Prepared and a post about Sterno

Sometimes, I manage to get it right. Sometimes, I learn a lesson.

This weekend, we had several events and occurrences that were out of the norm. In preparation for an all day out door fundraising event, I rearranged and re packed my EDC (every day carry). I took out the can of Sterno, added a few beach towels and an extra poncho, as the forecast was looking iffy. I was going to be around more kids than just the GirlChild, so I threw in more kid friendly snacks. Everything went off without a hitch. The other moms work with me, and I have developed a reputation for preparedness. They all now what is in my EDC, down to the last band aid. Heck, my multi tool was the only thing around to open the after event beer with! The towels were useful as it poured, and the kids were pleasantly entertained for 6 hours.

Now the bad news.

We lost power here in the middle of the night. We have water and food and plenty of supplies. However, the things that we really needed this morning, we had run out of and not replaced! Oh the horror and embarrassment! What kind of preppers are we?! We had no propane for our grill, where I planned to boil water for coffee (no coffee=no functioning). Back to that trusty can of Sterno. This is the thing, for lack of a better word, that I constructed.
Yep, that's a can of Sterno, on a glass pie plate. This whole apparatus was constructed on the grill. To be honest, in my mind we only lose power when its cold outside and we have the wood burner going.

 Today was a lesson!

The coffee was great, by the way. This was a totally Peep project, and Sheepdog laughed at it when he ventured downstairs to find out what the cursing was about.

Grateful the power is back on

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