Saturday, July 21, 2012

Getting home and the gear to do it.

Worked on revising and replenishing our get home bags. We used to view these only as BOB's or bug out bags. For our family, we found out that we had made our living arrangement such that we were living in our bug out location! Since we are all away from home every day though, we needed to look at our need to get home and the best way to prepare for that.

So, the bag. We all chose typical backpacks, made to blend in. Nothing to military looking or noticeable to the common observer. In addition, we have a vehicle bag and a stash in the truck that we can augment our bags with if we have to leave the truck.

There are 3 of is in the immediate family. Sheepdog is our 30 something fearless leader and will review his own bag in another post. The GirlChild is 7 and while I pack and prep her bag, she is a very full participant and we have a very specific get home plan for her!


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